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My new teaching duties have not been defined yet, after the move from Wood Science and Engineering (and the undergrad Renewable Materials program) to Forest Ecosystems and Society. I am on the committee designing the FES department's new undergraduate major, and am also working with a group to design the 1, 2, or 3 undergraduate and graduate courses for the College that will teach aspects of plant physiology.  We hope to start the new classes in the 2014-15 academic year.

Currently, I am teaching

FS 599--Curriculum Planning, (spring 2014) Seminar/discussion for grad students and faculty in which we are working together to identify the pieces needed for our plant physiology offerings in the college, and how to put them together into classes.  In a parallel effort, students are being introduced to material on teaching (and finding material themselves), and the group is having good discussions on this material.  

In recent years, the classes I taught regularly in WSE were the following:   

WSE 321, Chemistry and Anatomy of Renewable Materials, 4 credits--I taught the anatomy part (before that, WSE 312, a full-fledged 4-credit class in wood anatomy, properties, and identification)

WSE 390, Global Issues in Renewable Materials, 3 credits, a WIC (writing-intensive course)

WSE 470 and 470 H, Forests, Wood and Civilization, 3 credits (satisfies the requirement for Global Contemporary Issues in the baccalaureate core)

FS 599, Special Topics, Ecology and Evolution (a grad class that accompanies the EcoEvo seminar series